HVX BootCamp 2 Disk Training DVD Set

Here it is -- the ultimate training DVD set for the revolutionary Panasonic HVX200/HVX202 camera. Brought to you by the same people who put on the HD BootCamp training seminars, the HVX BootCamp DVD is over three hours of intensive camera instruction.

Hosted by Barry Green, the world's leading authority on the HVX, you'll learn every menu item, every switch and button and function, every recommendation and detail you need to know to get the most from your HVX. This DVD shows side-by-side examples and comparisons, and features both test charts and real-world examples to illustrate the various features and help you decide what the best settings and techniques are for your particular circumstances, including plenty of recommendations as to what experienced HVX shooters are choosing.

If you've wanted to attend the HD BootCamp seminar but couldn't make it out to one, this two-DVD set brings the nuts and bolts of the HD BootCamp experience to you!  Also great for the HPX170!

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The DVD set also makes an excellent companion to The HVX/HPX Book, supplementing its information by giving you hands-on live instruction.